Saturday, July 13, 2013

Logo quiz -Companies,social networking sites and mail messengers

  THE LOGO QUIZ-                                  

This is a logo quiz which covers many of the it companies,popular social networking sites and some   mail messengers

1.This Company was co-founded by Charles Geschke and. CEO of this company is Shantanu Narayan. Identify the company.. 


2)This popular website was founded by Jeff Besoz. Identify 

Ans: Amazon
3)Rory Read is the CEO of this Company. Identify.,

 Ans:Advanced Micro Devices

4)The erstwhile Bell Laboratories.



5)Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak and X founded this company. X parted away by selling of his shares of the company that was at that time $400. If he hadn't sold it ,today he would have definitely been a billionare. Identify X.


Ans:Ronald Wayne (Picture:Apple)



7)This social networking site was founded by 5 people. Mark Zuckerberg,Dustin Moskrovitz,Andrew McCullum,Eduardo Saverin and who?

Ans:Chris Hughes (Easy one I guess!!!) (Picture:Facebook)



9)Which company owns this?

Ans:Google Of course!!. (Picture:Gmail)


10)This messenger was founded by a famous Indian in the IT sector. It was taken over by the messenger.


11)Thomas Watson Sr and Jr and Charles Flint found it. Who is the CEO of the company?

Ans:Ginni Rometti (Pictue:Old logo of IBM)

12)This online megastore was created by Sachin and Binny Bansal. Name its music-store that was recently closed.

Ans:Flyte (Picture:Flipkart)

13)Identify the online megastore.

14)This company took  over a fraction of X company to produce a range of laptop. Identify X.. 

Ans:IBM (You will find both lenovo and IBM written on the new range of thinkpads)

15)This social networking site has been discovered by Reid Hoffmann and ________.
     (Hint:He shares his surname with a color in front of your eyes)

Ans:Alan Blue(Picture:LinkedIn)

16)Yes you guessed it right it is microsoft. It was founded by Paul Allen and  X.He wrote the book 'The      Road Ahead'. Name the company started by X post-retirement.

Ans:Catalyst 3

17)From which Company has this company formed(Hint:Every time I see this logo it reminds me of apple inc.).....

Ans: Patni Computers (now Igate Patni)

18)Expand the name of this Russian Company.

Ans:Mobile Tele Systems (MTS)



20)The Mobile Os of this company is codenamed Fennec and its application suite is called SeaMonkey. Identify the company.


21)Identify the company. (Hint:Tele Communications)


22)The CEO of this company is Stephen Luczo. Identify the company


23)GeForce,Quadro,Tegra,Tesla and______(Hint:Lucky if you have gone through the TCS Booklet)

Ans:nForce (Picture:Nvidia)

24)Name the range of mobiles by this company.

Ans:Xperia (Picture:Sony Ericsson)

25)Who created this website?

Ans:Phaninder Sharma (Picture:Red Bus)

26)This logo was made in order to pay a tribute to Larry Bird. Which sport is he associated with?

Ans:Basketball (Picture:Twitter)

27)X was made first by IBM,then a smaller version by Shugart Associates and the smallest by the company in the picture. What is X?(Hint:Rarely Used nowadays)

Ans:Floppy Diskette (Picture:Sony)

28)Which company acquired the company given below?

Ans:Oracle (Picture:Sun Microsystems)

29)Name the CEO of the company.

Ans:Ursula Burns (Picture:Xerox)

30)The organization shot to fame after the Baghdad blasts in 2007. Found by Julian Assange. Identify this non-profit organization.


31)Jimmy Wales and who founded this.

 Ans:Larry Sanger (Picture:Wikipedia)

32)Name the founder of this company.(Big Hint: please don't tell me its Azim Premji)

Ans:Hasham Premji (Picture:Wipro)

33)This company was previously called _______

Ans:Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (Picture:Motorola)

34)The CEO of this company previously was the CEO of  __________

Ans:Google (Picture:Yahoo)


Ans:Four Square

36)Identify the company.



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