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Stepping in the world of TCS

Stepping in The World Of 'TCS ITWIZ'-


Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) conducts an IT quiz every year.This is conducted in 14 cities(as per 2013) and students of standard VII-XII are allowed to participate and a total of 8 teams each constituting two students are permitted to advance to the regional quizzes....The regional finals are generally conducted in the months July-September and the national finals in the month of October...The quiz will be hosted by Giri Balasubramanium(popularly called 'PickBrain') ......


Firstly,a school round 'may' be conducted to selected a total of sixteen students or less...The forms will be submitted by the respective coordinator filling in the details of the teams...The teams will then go on to the regional finals which will be an inter-school competition...The first round would be a preliminary round,an elimination round, which will have 20 questions based on student's Tech Quotient....All of them mostly will have a one word answer..Students might be asked on the basis of images and audio/video.....Out of all the regional participants ,top 6 teams are filtered.....
NOTE-Only one team from a particular school will be selected even though two are qualifying(So Dont        

The unfortunate team who finished seventh wont go back empty handed.The top 6 teams will then compete for the first place..A total of 4-5 rounds will be conducted  based on the theme of the quiz....All the six teams will be felicitated and the runners up will get a prizes and a trophy while the winners will be given an expensive gift and the trophy with a ticket to the national finals...

Topics to Prepare:-

The subject of preparations in no particular order-
1)The history of computers and its evolution....
2)The history of IT Giants and its current position(Give more emphasis on Microsoft,Apple and Google)
    and company's annexations
3)CEOs,ex-CEOs and Founders of all IT companies.
4)File Extensions and Tech Acronyms
5)About TCS(VV Important an entire round will be on TCS)
6)Logos,Tag lines and trademarks
7)Versions of OSs(Android,Mac,Windows,Linux,Ubuntu)
8)Computer devices and their founders/designers
9)Programming languages and their creators
10)Mobile Applications,facilities and modern day technologies....
11)Social Networking Sites
The preparation materials will be uploaded soon on this blog

Rural IT Wiz-

TCS conducts Rural IT wiz too to reach to bring out the Techies residing in the deep roots of the country....The quiz has a similar format but 10 questions are MCQs in the preliminary round...This quiz is conducted for the non-metropolitan cities of a region so if you reside in a metropolitan city or where the urban quiz has been conducted don't try to get in the quiz even if you are given a chance....(Mind it!! It has happened with me)

For more info on the quiz and the rounds go to
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